How do I get involved?

Just head over to the Contact page and send us an email. It’s as easy as that! One of our coaches will contact you as quickly as they can to organise a session.

Do I need to book?

You don’t need to book a training time, but it is always a good idea to let us know the sessions you are planning to attend, so we can ensure a coach is available for you.

What if I have never done any Olympic Weightlifting before?

No issue! Weightlifting is for everyone… whatever age you are and even if you have never done weightlifting before. Our experienced coaches will teach you the correct techniques from the ground up.

What happens when I join Odd Socks?

When you join Odd Socks Olympic Weightlifting Gym, you will have a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced weightlifting coaches to discuss your goals and then a tailored training program will be developed for you.

What’s the ideal number of times to train per week?

The ideal number of training sessions depends on the individual. Taking into consideration their employment and lifestyle, a good number of sessions to start off with would be 3.

Do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is required as all lifting equipment is provided, however, a good pair of weightlifting shoes are recommended. We can help you find an affordable pair.

Do I need to pay to be coached?

There are no additional costs for coaching at Odd Socks Weightlifting Gym – it’s all included in the membership cost and a part of joining our family.

Is the coaching personal or in a group?

The coaching is personal and you will be training with a group of other like-minded lifters.

I am from Crossfit. Can I join Odd Socks?

Crossfit athletes are encouraged to come to Odd Socks to improve their lifts for Crossfit competitions. Learning the correct technique will be hugely beneficial in strength gains, as well as protecting yourself from potential injuries associated with poor technique.

What if I just want to learn the lifts to assist my sport or gain knowledge of the lifts and I do not want to compete?

That’s fine! Anyone that would like to just learn the lifts to assist with their sport is more than welcome. We currently train an athletics team and many other types of athletes such as baseball players, wrestlers, rugby players and sprinters who are supporting their weights programs and learning the correct technique to prevent injury.

Do I need to join the State Organisation?

You do not need to join any state organisation to learn weightlifting. When you join Odd Socks you are automatically a part of our family.